Shake The Disease

“At the risk of sounding more pompous than I am, I was always more loved than admired. I think musicians are admired, but I was always loved and I felt it. And I prefer that. Eric Clapton is admired, but who could love him? His own mother, perhaps.” Morrissey, 1991.

 “I’m not putting Elvis down, but he was a shitass, a yellow-belly and I hated the f***er.” Jerry Lee Lewis, 1989.

"I think it's good that books still exist, but they do make me sleepy." 
Frank Zappa
Jag tyckte dom citaten var lite roliga ^^

Postat av: Tove

HAHAHA den i mitten var ju lätt skönast :D "I'm not putting Elvis down.." asg XD haha jisses. Var hittar du dom där? x)

2007-01-23 @ 20:53:15
Postat av: Anonym hoppas den funkar :)

2007-01-23 @ 21:36:40

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